Posted on Jul 28, 2019

Suboxone Doctor in Miami: Dr. Mitchell’s Clinic

The Fog Of Recovery
by Dr. Robert Ben Mitchell, D.O. - 786-262-5750

Addiction is like a bad love relationship: it takes us to the depths of our own spiritual and emotional hell, even as we kiss its hand. I often tell my clients who have just gotten out of an unhealthy love affair to make a list of everything they never liked about the other person: each and every bad memory, no matter how large or small. Then, take that paper, make a dozen copies, and put one everywhere you can: by your bedside, on the bathroom mirror, taped to the refrigerator, in your car, on your desk at work, etcetera. Why? Because we have a tendency to romance the past, forgetting its pain and only remembering its pleasures. That’s why we are so often drawn back to the very person from whom we once worked so very hard to escape. And just like this fog of relationships for lovers, there is a similar fog of recovery for addicts.

We once made love to our addictions as if they were a person: serving them as we served up ourselves. Now, having escaped and rebuilt our lives from the rock bottom up, we can at times feel a welling-up of old thoughts and feelings, and the question is always the same: “Was it really all that bad?” After all, why not just try a little bit? We’ve worked hard and it’s okay to have some fun, isn’t it? After all, we’ve earned it, and we can handle it now, right? And that quickly, with just the tiniest crack of that dark door, the fog of recovery comes wafting in.
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