Posted on Dec 14, 2019

Suboxone Doctor in Miami: Dr. Mitchell’s Clinic

The Scars of Addiction
by Dr. Robert Ben Mitchell, D.O. - 786-262-5750

Every addict has their own emotional and physical scars from addiction, and no matter how minor they might seem to someone else, they are permanent reminders of a past to which we hope to never return. So, while they are constant reminders of horrible mistakes, they are also ever present warnings to never make those same mistakes again.

Every so often I still feel mine. I don’t like to talk about them, but one day I took my shirt off while doing yard work with a friend, and there was no way he could not notice.

“Geez,” he said, “how many times did you get shot?”

I hesitated, but answered, “Four times: once through the hand and three times in the back.” I turned my hand toward him to show him the fourth scar.

“F*&k”, he blurted out, “how’d that happen?”

“You can never run away from a bad drug deal fast enough,” I replied.

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