Posted on Sep 22, 2019

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Road Rage and Relapse
by Dr. Robert Ben Mitchell, D.O. - 786-262-5750

It’s difficult to explain relapse to a person who has never been addicted. After all, why can’t you just say no? Why? Let’s start with road rage.

As stupid as we all usually feel afterward, most people who live where there’s 24/7 traffic have at one time or another experienced road rage: that uncontrollable anger to hurt another driver and teach them a lesson. Maybe it’s just giving them the high beams or the finger, or maybe it’s cutting them off or break checking them. And, if things get really out of hand, there might even be a fight with injuries and, in the extreme, death.

Now, instead of being in a car, imagine you’re in a tank fully loaded with bombs and bullets. And instead of road rage, imagine an uncontrollable state of extreme despair, depression and hopelessness topped off with self-loathing. Relapse is road rage times a thousand where you’re bombing and blasting away at everything in your life: loved ones, friends, family, your job, your home, your finances and your future. It’s all out total war against who you and what you have become where you’re the assailant and the victim.

So, though you might never suffer drug addiction, if you’ve ever had road rage, then you have had a glimpse into relapse.

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