Posted on Dec 7, 2019

Suboxone Doctor in Miami: Dr. Mitchell’s Clinic

The 3 Rules Of Recovery
by Dr. Robert Ben Mitchell, D.O. - 786-262-5750

Most addicts know the easy part is getting clean, but the hard part is staying clean. To that end, it helps to have some simple rules of the road to navigate the daily ups and downs that challenge our ability to stay clean. So here they are - The 3 Rules Of Recovery:

1. DON’T RELAPSE: Of course, this is easier said than done, but it is the foundation of recovery. Yes, relapses are a normal part of the process, but if you ever want to maintain a stable recovery, at some point you must finally make all the changes necessary to avoid them.

2. GET HELP: Contrary to what you might think, you didn’t become an addict on your own, and you won’t stay clean on your own. Isolation and loneliness are two key ingredients in both addiction and relapse. So, wherever and whenever available, get help from friends, family, therapy and, if appropriate, medication assisted treatment.

3. REBUILD YOUR LIFE: Again, easier said than done, but isn’t it after all the whole point of recovery? Rebuild bridges where and when possible, and also make new ones. Hopelessness is another keep driver of both addiction and relapse, and the best way to fight it is by having something to look forward to.

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