Posted on Jan 18, 2020

Suboxone Doctor in Miami: Dr. Mitchell’s Clinic

Field Of Burned Bridges
by Dr. Robert Ben Mitchell, D.O. - 786-262-5750

When does recovery actually start? Is it the moment you stop using recreational drugs? Or is it when you see a doctor the first time for medical assistance? Or, is it when you go to your first NA or AA meeting? No, it’s none of these. These are merely stepping stones towards the start of your recovery, but in and of themselves, these are just the limbo between active drug use and active recovery.

Recovery actually starts when you finally open your eyes and admit to all the damage you’ve done to yourself and others while using: all the physical and emotional pain; all the lies and disappointment; all of the abuse and neglect; all of the stealing and cheating. You cannot rebuild your life until you know where you’re starting from, and you can’t know that until you begin to acknowledge everything you said and did that brought you to this moment.

Recovery is a life-long process, but the starting point, the real starting point to your future is when you finally admit to your past. Welcome to your field of burned bridges.

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