Posted on Jul 18, 2019

Suboxone Doctor in Miami: Dr. Mitchell’s Clinic

Why go to NA and AA? Because they’re not fun!
by Dr. Robert Ben Mitchell, D.O. - 786-262-5750

Recovery from opioids is very difficult, and while it’s fairly easy to get clean, it’s hard to stay clean. That’s because people who are opioid dependent have trained themselves to turn to the happy-pills whenever they have any emotional pain. That’s why it’s so hard to stay clean, because every time you encounter a significant emotional stressor or trigger, your body cries out for more happy-pills and, if you don’t give it some, then it gives you withdrawals. So, the key to staying clean is to learn how to have a bad day without turning to the happy-pills.

NA and AA are not fun. In fact, those meetings can be downright unpleasant at times. Most every one there is unhappy, in turmoil, or in some way too stressed. So why would you want to hang out in a room full of people like yourself? Because going to NA and AA is like having a little, mini, bad day, and what better way to learn how to deal with the big bad days in your life than by practicing with little ones. That’s how you develop the new coping skills you desperately need for dealing with life without drugs.

So go to NA and AA not because they’re fun, but because they’re not fun.
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